The UN’s new report on global warming is the most terrifying yet

The UN’s New Report On Global Warming Is The Most Terrifying Yet

A draft of a new UN report on climate was leaked and it shows devastating climate impact: decreased grain production, rising sea levels, devastating heat waves, torrential rain and other climate extremes are already being felt.  Another report indicates the world’s two largest ice sheets are melting faster than ever. Despite alarms from scientists for decades, political actions are inadequate.

Political leadership of the last two decades will go down in history as failing to face reality and put in place effective policy.  The first Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report (IPCC) was issued in 1988. Since the 1997 Kyoto Climate Summit, we have emitted as much carbon dioxide as was emitted in the prior 236 years. Because of the impact of short-term pollutants like methane gas (aka ‘natural’ gas) government policy may actually be making climate change worse, than if nothing had been at all.

But climate change activists also need to take some responsibility. It is not enough to stop the northern portion of the KXL pipeline, already the southern portion and existing pipelines are enough to bring Alberta Tar Sands to the Gulf; and now Enbridge has found a way to go forward without getting approval from the Obama administration.  We need to be more clear and aggressive, e.g. when it comes to tar sands, the excavation needs to be stopped in Alberta, Utah and Alabama.

The People’s Climate March is less than a month away on September 21 and other plans are developing around the march. A big weekend march does not change policy. We need to be clear in understanding the issues and putting forth demands – as a united movement because climate connects us all – that will actually solve the problem. Those are the goals of the Climate Convergence on September 19 and 20. There will also be direct actions at the UN Climate Summit. People need to understand the deep corruption at the UN, which is allied with corporate interests and dominated by the United States. Join the Popular Resistance contingent in the Climate Convergence hub of the march where we will call out the corruption and the need for a people-powered movement to take action.

The climate movement also needs to look honestly at some big green environmental groups that continue to take money from climate polluters like fracking corporations and then use their reputations to advocate for them. These groups are not allies of climate justice but allied to their self-preservation at the cost of the planet. At the same time, those in the anti-fracking movement need to be welcomed as part of the solution because they advocate a ban on fracking, not its regulation.

The climate justice battle is part of corporate challenges on many fronts. For example the ongoing attack on water in Detroit, where people are fighting back; or in Baltimore where a corporation is moving to privatize water.  Or, the ongoing effort to push the most expensive energy source, nuclear, where horrible environmental impacts are not recognized, as in this effort in Australia where they want to dump nuclear waste on Indigenous land. Or, in the United States where Fukushima’s are waiting to happen because of earthquake faults near nuclear plants or the poorly designed General Electric plants like the ones that failed in Japan.

Rather than the destructive ‘all of the above’ energy strategy of the Obama administration, the US needs to urgently move toward a carbon-free, nuclear-free energy economy. There is a solar revolution underway despite lousy government policy, but it needs to advance much more quickly. The oil first strategy of Obama creates additional problems as in oil trains being more important than food trains, so food rots.



Good Night, and Good Luck


After turning an invitation for important dialogue and debate into a trashy troll performance, Ukraine Today stated RT pulled the plug on the channel’s executive producer during a live interview. Not only is it a lie but there’s video to prove it.

In the Now listened carefully to the “attack” and didn’t drop the live feed from Ukraine Today’s studio but went back to it and showed a banner put up which read “Russia Today Stop Lie”-we also forgave the grammar mistake.

“In the Now” with RT’s Senior Political correspondent Anissa Naouai is the first dedicated nightly Primetime show to air live out of our Moscow headquarters. Host Anissa Naouai has worked in the field for almost a decade and has reported from over 80 cities across the globe.

Now from Monday to Thursday viewers can enjoy fresh, honest, and hard-hitting news coverage on some of the world’s most pressing issues with one of RT’s most experienced journalists . We’ll put the spotlight on stories you’ll never hear on mainstream networks or even in RT’s daily news bulletins. “In the Now” – 10pm Moscow, 7pm London, 2pm New York.


EXCLUSIVE: MP George Galloway’s FIRST interview after he was beaten in broad daylight in London


George Galloway, British MP and the supporter of Palestine was attacked by a man, dressed in a Israeli Force T-shirt. Despite the pain, Galloway spoke to Anissa Naouai ‘In The Now’.


Dark clouds are gathering, as NATO seeks to encircle Russia

President Sarkisian (center) at the NATO Summit in Wales on Thursday

Sarkisian Challenges NATO on Karabakh

Turkey a NATO member is aiming to steer NATO further towards a pro Azeri course. Armenian president warned NATO members:

“There are two options. Either it [the NATO Summit] will adopt the language of the OSCE Minsk Group, which is the only specialized international structure dealing with the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict–language that was proposed and supported by the Co-Chair countries that are represented here by France and the United States of America–or upon the lobbying of another member state it will pass again with an aim to save the face of our tyrant neighbor vis-a-vis his own people. Believe me that option will not lead to any positive results.”

“Either common sense and the desire for peace will have the upper hand, or the silent encouragement of xenophobia will deepen the war rhetoric and deadly provocations so easily brandished by Azerbaijan, which does not care about its soldiers’ lives and becomes encouraged with such statements, will continue,” added Sarkisian.


Shieldmaidens are not a myth!

female Viking warriors proof buried with swords bones rape pillage Vikings TV show

Better identification of viking corpses reveals: Half of the warriors were female

A recent archaeological discovery has shattered the stereotype of exclusively male Viking warriors sailing out to war while their long-suffering wives wait at home with baby Vikings. Researchers at the University of Western Australia decided to revamp the way they studied Viking remains.

Previously, researchers had misidentified skeletons as male simply because they were buried with their swords and shields. (Female remains were identified by their oval brooches, and not much else.) By studying osteological signs of gender within the bones themselves, researchers discovered that approximately half of the remains were actually female warriors, given a proper burial with their weapons.


The Kennewick Man finally freed to share his secrets

The Kennewick Man Finally Freed to Share His Secrets   


Limits to Growth was right – New research shows we’re nearing collapse

The Limits to Growth

Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we’re nearing collapse

‘The Limits to Growth’: A Book That Launched a Movement

“There is no such thing as limits to growth, because there are no limits to the human capacity for intelligence, imagination, and wonder.”

– Ronald Reagan

40 years ‘Limits to Growth’

A Synopsis: Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update

The 1972 book Limits to Growth was commissioned by a think tank called the Club of Rome. Researchers working out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, including husband-and-wife team Donella and Dennis Meadows, built a computer model to track the world’s economy and environment. Called World3, this computer model was cutting edge.

The task was very ambitious. The team tracked industrialisation, population, food, use of resources, and pollution. They modelled data up to 1970, then developed a range of scenarios out to 2100, depending on whether humanity took serious action on environmental and resource issues. If that didn’t happen, the model predicted “overshoot and collapse” – in the economy, environment and population – before 2070. This was called the “business-as-usual” scenario.

The book’s central point, much criticised since, is that “the earth is finite” and the quest for unlimited growth in population, material goods etc would eventually lead to a crash.

The book, which predicted our civilisation would probably collapse some time this century, has been criticised as doomsday fantasy since it was published. Back in 2002, self-styled environmental expert Bjorn Lomborg consigned it to the “dustbin of history”.

It doesn’t belong there. Four decades after the book was published, research from the University of Melbourne has found the book’s forecasts are accurate, 40 years on. Expect the early stages of global collapse to start appearing soon if we continue to track in line with the book’s scenario.

However, the study also noted that unlimited economic growth was possible, if governments forged policies and invested in technologies to regulate the expansion of humanity’s ecological footprint. Prominent economists disagreed with the report’s methodology and conclusions. Yale’s Henry Wallich opposed active intervention, declaring that limiting economic growth too soon would be “consigning billions to permanent poverty.”

Australian physicist Graham Turner, who revisited perhaps the most groundbreaking academic work of the 1970s, The Limits to Growth, compared real-world data from 1970 to 2000 with the business-as-usual scenario. He found the predictions nearly matched the facts. “There is a very clear warning bell being rung here,” he says. “We are not on a sustainable trajectory.”


Warning Merkel on Russian ‘Invasion’ Intel

nuclear war

Almost unnoticed back on May 1 of this year Senator Bob Corker (R) of Tennessee introduced perhaps the most dangerous and most pernicious foreign policy legislation since the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, fifty-two years ago. Co-sponsored by twenty-six Republican US senators and titled “the Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014,”

Bill S.2277 would place the United States in the position of beginning a new and very “hot” Cold War, and, indeed, in all likelihood starting a probable shooting war with Russia. The thoughtless British pledge to “come to the assistance of Poland” in 1939 pales in comparison. This legislation actually aims at war, pushes it to the forefront of American foreign policy.

Such legislation, if adopted, would not only re-start the Cold War, it would place the blame for such an initiation squarely on the shoulders of the American government and those mindless congressional leaders who buy into the belief that the United States has not only the right, but the duty, to impose its ideas of liberal democracy and equality on every country, however big or small, whether they want it or not, across the face of the globe.


Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014: An unnatural desire for war?

“Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014″: Another U.S. Style Violent Regime Change?

Senate Bill Preps for War with Russia

Warning Merkel on Russian ‘Invasion’ Intel

Alarmed at the anti-Russian hysteria sweeping Official Washington – and the specter of a new Cold War – U.S. intelligence veterans took the unusual step of sending this Aug. 30 memo to German Chancellor Merkel challenging the reliability of Ukrainian and U.S. media claims about a Russian “invasion.”

“We the undersigned are long-time veterans of U.S. intelligence. We take the unusual step of writing this open letter to you to ensure that you have an opportunity to be briefed on our views prior to the NATO summit on Sept. 4-5.

“You need to know, for example, that accusations of a major Russian “invasion” of Ukraine appear not to be supported by reliable intelligence. Rather, the “intelligence” seems to be of the same dubious, politically “fixed” kind used 12 years ago to “justify” the U.S.-led attack on Iraq.”

“Hopefully, your advisers have reminded you of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s checkered record for credibility. It appears to us that Rasmussen’s speeches continue to be drafted by Washington. This was abundantly clear on the day before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq when, as Danish Prime Minister, he told his Parliament: “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. This is not something we just believe. We know.”

Signed by

William Binney, former Technical Director, World Geopolitical & Military Analysis, NSA; co-founder, SIGINT

Automation Research Center (ret.)

David MacMichael, National Intelligence Council (ret.)

Ray McGovern, former US Army infantry/intelligence officer & CIA analyst (ret.)

Elizabeth Murray, Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Middle East (ret.)

Todd E. Pierce, MAJ, US Army Judge Advocate (Ret.)

Coleen Rowley, Division Counsel & Special Agent, FBI (ret.)

Ann Wright, Col., US Army (ret.); Foreign Service Officer (resigned)

Make Money, Not War (ft. Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson)


Russia and the West are locked into geopolitical tit for tat over Ukraine, and with both sides escalating the sanctions game, businesses are suffering. But can businessmen mediate between political leaders to reach a peaceful solution to the conflict? And how helpful are sanctions in achieving that goal? Oksana is joined by Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, to negotiate these issues.

Dutch Intellectuals Apologize to Putin for Lies on MH17, Syria, Ukraine

Dutch Intellectuals Apologize to Putin for Lies on MH17, Syria, Ukraine

‘A letter sent by a prominent Dutch Professor to Russian president Vladimir Putin has attracted much media attention in Europe. The letter was written by Professor Cees Hamelink and signed by dozens of Dutch intellectuals and professors. Below is the letter in its entirety:

Dear Mr. President Putin,

“Please accept our apologies on behalf of a great many people here in the Netherlands for our Government and our Media. The facts concerning MH17 are twisted to defame you and your country…”


The great fatted bull

The Great Fatted Bull



Hosted by Andrew Collins, author of Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods, plus The Cygnus Mystery and From the Ashes of Angels, alongside Megalithomaniac Hugh Newman, author of Earth Grids.

Join Andrew Collins and Megalithomania on its unique tour of the Cradle of Civilisation and the traditional Garden of Eden. Visit some of the world’s most ancient and sacred archaeological sites including Göbekli Tepe, the oldest stone temple complex, the ancient city of Harran with it’s astronomical tower.

Explore the 10,500 year-old Karahan Tepe, that has T-Shaped megalithic pillars and is the sister site to Gobekli. Explore Sanliurfa, the ancient Christian city of Edessa, birthplace of Abraham; and the traditional area of the Garden of Eden, home of the Watchers and Nephilim of the book of Enoch, and the Annunaki of Sumerian myth and legend.

We cross Cendere Bridge, explore the Karakus Tumulus, and Arsemia, and we climb Mount Nemrut for a spectacular sunset. We also visit the Gate of Mehr, a megalithic temple that looks alot like Puma Punku in Bolivia, with its sophisticated stonework.

Both Andrew and Hugh will be presenting evening lectures throughout the tour, plus they will be discussing theories and new research on site. We are hoping to meet Klaus Schmit, the primary achaeologist at Gobekli Tepe, who carbon dated the site back to around 12,000 BC.