South West Asia Syria War

Turkey Vows Action to Defend Tomb in Syria From Al-Qaeda

Syria’s Christians face new threat — “convert, submit to Islam or face sword”

War in the Fertile Crescent

The Historic Scale of Syria’s Refugee Crisis

The Historic Scale of Syria’s Refugee Crisis

Rebels in Kessab

Attacks on Armenian city of Kesab, Syria, via Turkey

ANCA urges U.S. for action on Kessab, Karabakh ready to welcome refugees

Two Thousand Kessab Armenians Find Safety in Latakia

Kessab Targeted by Al-Qaeda Front Groups in Cross-Border Attack from Turkey

Kessab: Deep Roots Under Attack

Kessab: Deep Roots amid Fallen Leaves

Save Kessab

Save Kessab: An Urgent Appeal to All Armenian Americans & People of Good Conscience
– Urge the Obama Administration to Stop Turkey’s Support for the Destruction of Kessab, Syria

Over four millennia, Babylonian, Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Roman influences crossed paths in Syria. Today, precious cultural sites from these eras are being damaged as the Syrian civil war takes its toll on the country's cultural heritage. This week, the United Nation's cultural organization UNESCO made fresh reports about damage to Syria's historic sites.

Over four millennia, Hurrian, Sumerian, Aramean, Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Roman influences crossed paths in Syria. Today, precious cultural sites from these eras are being damaged as the Syrian civil war takes its toll on the country’s cultural heritage.

Damage done to the Cathedral of Constantine and Helen

Syrian art smuggled from the midst of civil war to show in London

“Stop the destruction of Syrian cultural heritage!” urges UNESCO Director-General


ht Tammam Matisses La Danse kb 130503 blog Tammam Azzam   The Syrian Museum

The world according to the Syrian artist Tammam Azzam I

AQIM from northern Mali, LIFG from Libya, Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt, and with support from Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Turkey, and others – all are converging on Syria (in black), and then Iran. Should Syria or Iran, or both fall to Western-backed terrorist brigades, and if the West manages to use Kurds across Turkey and northern Iraq to create a conduit (in red), a path will be cleared into Russia’s restive Caucasus Mountains and onto Moscow itself. 

Nations standing in the way of this horde, including Turkey and Georgia, risk being carved up or drawn into protracted, costly conflict. Other nations at grave risk from Western-backed terrorism include Algeria, Pakistan, and China.

Turkey Vows Action to Defend Tomb in Syria From Al-Qaeda

Global Blitzkrieg: West’s Terror Battalions Eye Russia Next


Syria has been gripped by deadly unrest since 2011. According to reports, the Western powers and their regional allies, especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, are supporting the militants operating inside Syria. Foreign-based militants linked to al-Qaeda terrorist network are using safe houses in southern Turkey to cross into Syria to engage in an insurgency war against government forces.

Christians have been killed in Syria, and many more have fled the country. Christian churches were in Damascus 600 years before the Muslim religion even began but now Christians make up less than 10% of the population. It is almost an identical story to what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. Christians fear that if the rebels, who are made up of Muslim extremists take over, they will be persecuted and killed.

Turkey continues its anti-Armenian policy line, with its extreme manifestations observed in the Armenian-populated areas of Syria, in particular, Kessab, the Nagorno Karabakh President’s spokesman told “Through subversive attacks, Turkey tries to drive Armenians out of Syria as well as exterminate the country’s Armenian community,” David Babayan said.

Turkey are funding and letting Al-Qaeda to operate in Syria, but has now pledged military action to defend a tiny enclave inside Syria where a platoon of its troops guards a memorial to an Ottoman forebear who died more than 700 years ago, after reports al-Qaeda threatened an attack.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says no violation of the country’s territory will go unanswered as he seeks to win over voters and battles allegations of corruption against his government ahead of local elections on March 30.

“If a mistake is committed toward Suleyman Shah, then Turkey would do whatever is necessary,” Erdogan told Star television in an interview today. “Our territory is safeguarded under international agreements. Any attack on our territory will amount to an attack on Turkey.”

The US as the Chief Architect of the Syrian Crisis

Attacks on the Armenian Nation – and Recognition

Water Wars: Land snatched from Syria supplies third of Israel’s H2O

The Yazidis and the Conflict in Syria

The Kurds in Syria

Circassians in Syria

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Situasjonen i Syria

ALARM: Pågående folkemord mot kristne i Syria

En ny «kald krig» – Syria?

60 Minutes: «Christians of the Holy Land»

KAIROS-dokumentet: «Okkupasjonen er en synd mot Gud»


Save Iraqi Christians

Hva skjer med Iraks kristne?

De kristne i Irak trenger deg nå!

Nok er nok – Fred mellom folkene NÅ!

Kamp for land i Sørvest Asia


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